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Message from the Managing Director

At Malak, we believe that the fundamental difference between a product and a brand comes from the trust that customers place in the offering. Naturally, we go to great lengths to ensure that “Malak” is more than a name. It’s a commitment towards our clients to enhance their wealth in a sustained and planned manner. Our core competencies of outstanding research, market knowledge and expertise in the chosen fields combine to deliver astounding results.

At Malak, we understand that each client has unique requirements and it’s our endeavour to best address their demands. That’s why we insist on developing customized solutions rather than a “one approach fits all”. We have established a strong and viable regional and international network of partners to deliver quick and cost-effective solutions.

Malak is a brand that’s poised to create the future. We have successfully embedded the critical ingredients of success in our brand DNA and we look forward to make the most of the emerging landscape of opportunities.

Tariq Ramadan
Managing Director